July 14, 2011



MONTCLAIR, NJ Vertical Health, a leading health information company focused on pain management, musculoskeletal diseases and endocrine disorders, is pleased to announce the launch of DiabeticLifestyle, a premier resource for people with diabetes, as well as their families and caregivers.

DiabeticLifestyle is a one-stop source for practical information on living with diabetes, including expert advice on exercising, eating well, and cooking fast, fresh meals. With hundreds of award-winning recipes and articles on how to lead a healthy lifestyle, DiabeticLifestyle aims to make life easier for people living with diabetes.

“Diabetes is one of the fastest growing medical problems in the US,” states Bill Paquin, CEO of Vertical Health. “26 million people in the US alone suffer from diabetes, and an estimated 80 million Americans have pre-diabetes. Diabetes is an epidemic, but if we can help people make better choices, we can improve their quality of life and mitigate many of the complications of diabetes.”

“We’re delighted that this site will help make life better for the millions of people with diabetes and pre-diabetes,” says Paquin. “Our ultimate goal is to help you not only live well but thrive with diabetes.”

As part of the Vertical Health family of websites, DiabeticLifestyle joins SpineUniverse, EndocrineWeb, and Practical Pain Management—expert-driven health information websites that are trusted and valuable resources for both patients and medical professionals.

About Vertical Health
Vertical Health, with our Editorial Board of leading medical professionals and deep experience in pain management, musculoskeletal disease and endocrine disorders, provides all the tools both patients and professionals need to make better, more informed decisions—and ultimately improve patient outcomes.