March 13, 2012



Seven out of Nine Women Achieve Goal by Tapping Social Dieting Site to Stay Motivated

Philadelphia, PA (March 13, 2012) –, an online social dieting game that gives players the opportunity to compete to lose weight,today announced the winners of its Philadelphia mom blogger challenge. Seven of the nine participants reached their goal in the four-week DietBet competition.  The moms looking to shrink in size embarked on a weight loss journey that began with a “last supper” at the famous Tony Luke’s early last month.

The players participated in a high-stakes game through to win money and earn blogosphere bragging rights. Chances are the moms won’t be spending their winnings on soft pretzels or cheesesteaks.

“I had no idea that losing could feel so good,” wrote Kelly Anderson Moran on her Delco Diva blog. “I’ve spent my weeks planning meals, avoiding unhealthy snacks and heading to the Y for classes and workout time. Part of my motivation is coming from keeping in touch with the other competitors.  We leave messages almost daily on the DietBet board and hearing from everyone helps us all stay focused.”

Together the group lost 87pounds and walked away with $175 in winnings each.  The Philadelphia mom bloggers allcontributed $25 to the pot and DietBet sweetened the pot by adding $1,000.

The participants

Winners of the DietBet Philly Mom Blogger Challenge are:

  • KellyAnderson Moran, author of Delco Diva blog
  • Kelly Brown, author of The Turnip Farmer blog
  • DanaJackowicz, author of Single Mom in the City blog
  • Stephanie Glover, author of A Grande Life blog
  • Mary EllenMannix, author of James’s Project blog
  • Heather Wray, author of Local Fun for Kids blog

JenniferPohlhaus, author of Harmonic Mama, blog

DietBet injects fun, competition, and social collaboration into America’s quest to shed extra weight.

“More and more games like this mom blogger challenge are happening across the country.  Who wouldn’t want to lose weight and have fun doing it? We congratulate our new DietBet winners,” said Jamie Rosen, founder of

Recent research shows that the carrot of winning real money – along with the stick of losing it – is a highly effective motivator. In a study at the University of Pennsylvania, people offered a financial incentive to lose weight were five times more successful at reaching their weight-loss goal than test subjects offered no incentives.

About DietBet

DietBet is an online social dieting game that gives players the opportunity to win money through weight-loss competitions. Dietbetters play with friends and co-workers and put money into a pot; whoever reaches the goal by the end of four weeks wins the pot (or splits it). It’s motivation through friendly competition, with real rewards. Founded by Jamie Rosen and launched in December of 2011, DietBet makes losing weight fun. Find DietBet on Facebook and Twitter.